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Samac KL 25 new generations of mini loaders

2015. október 26

SAMAC KL25 Wheel loader

Double stability: The robust, double steering cylinder is a typical feature of the SAMAC loaders. Where many other articulated loaders have a single cylinder, the double cylinders in combination with the

robust articulation joint of the SAMAC loaders ensure unprecedented stability.

Great manoeuvrability:
The combination of a compact body and high manoeuvrability makes the SAMAC loaders extremely suitable for working in small passageways and tight spaces.

Mounting parts as required: SAMAC loaders are standard equipped with a Euro connection. The options for mounting parts are thus very diverse. All front-loader mounting parts such as loader buckets,

pallet forks, clamps, drills, mowers, brushes and spreader bins (for sawdust etc.) can, in principle, be easily mounted.

Clever quick-coupler system: Quick and easy coupling of implements. The hydraulic quick coupler system enables easy coupling and uncoupling of the mounting parts.

Protective coating and coloured lacquer finish: A KTL lacquer undercoat prevents rust and algae formation. The entire machine is immersed in this coating. After drying in a hot oven, the colour coating

is applied. This provides both the inner and outer parts with years of protection.

Economical and reliable engine: Yanmar diesel engines are economical, quiet and reliable. The direct injection diesel engine enables every SAMAC loader to start very easily, even in cold temperatures.

The Yanmar engine also saves on fuel through reaching maximum torque at a low rpm.

Operating convenience: Easy operation of the joystick enables practical steering of the driving direction, lift, folding and unfolding of the working implement and other additional functions.

Spacious platform: A level floor free of obstacles, an easy hop-on hop-off platform and plenty of foot space result in an unprecedented lighter workload.


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