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Mixer Flatspray 20

Mixer Flatspray 20 is a machine for applying a large range of fillers: smoothing plaster, skimming plaster, droplet filler* and other products.

Price: 5 112.00 €


Cement mixer for small construction sites and renovations

Price: 257.58 €

Fiori DB260CBV concrete mixer with batch control system

A unique product in the market of self-loading concrete mixers, this extremely compact, agile and price-worth machine provides a 4.0 m³ concrete yield and a daily productivity amounting to 90/100 m³ .

Samac KL 25 new generations of mini loaders

Double stability: The robust, double steering cylinder is a typical feature of the SAMAC loaders. Where many other articulated loaders have a single cylinder, the double cylinders in combination with the
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