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BLASTRAC special machines


The BMR-85D is one of the most versatile and functional machines manufactured by Blastrac®. Our Multitask Rider proves very productive when coupled with the 2-20DTA shot blasting attachment and provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for preparing concrete and asphalt roadways or runways for renovation and improvement of grip and security. The BMR-85D is a complete ready to use professional solution for the surface preparation of large horizontal surfaces.

When removing old marking lines or compounded rubber residue from surfaces, airborne dust and contaminants are collected and contained in the BMR-85D’s onboard dust collection system. The system features a butterfly valve to seal the dust outlet when removing or replacing the industrial “super-sack” bags, allowing little-to-no dust to be re-introduced into the surrounding environment.

For added versatility the BMR-85D can be used with Blastrac’s scarifying and grinding attachments as well.

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